I take photos to see what’s on my mind

With a masters degree in cultural and visual anthropology and a previous main interest in film, I follow with my photography an approach influenced by the structuralist school and the concept of wild thinking: believing that the essence of photography (as of poetry or myths) is to luxuriate, indulge and feel – and to reach a deeper understanding through the senses. My work proceeds from a method of creating instictively, without translating it into a script beforehand and thus to reveal the patterns of my own and within possibly a common structure of the mind. The narrative unfolds in a second step, a mirror of deeper knowldege that comes to the surface. The focus of my work lies on the subjects of modern urban life and meditates on conditions rather than catching a decisive moment. Seeking a subtle, inexplicable uneasieness, common structures and the interdependencies which create emotions. I work with both digital and film and have realized projects in the United States, South America, New Zealand and Samoa.

Interview about my work on urbanautica.com